December 5, 2011


Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I've been busy but I'll try to get the next review up before the new year! Regardless, Happy Holidays and don't let the cold weather give you Goosebumps.


  1. Hey. I am looking forward to you telling me about the next read, when you get around to it. I don't remember all of the books because I didn't own any but the ones that were my favorites. So its always cool actually remembering things from the ones I read maybe once. And you are pretty entertaining to read, so keep up the good work!
    Side note.. I haven't decided which style I like better. The last entry where you just summed everything up after you read it, definitely seemed like it had less info about the book or story than the previous ones. But it had a different kind of ridiculous humor to it. It was more like you were telling somebody about a book you had just read. Where as the other style seemed more analytical. Which I like the analysis side to it. Especially since, I want to know about and remember as much as I can from the books. That's the point for me I think. I know it seems more of a hassle to take notes as you read, I just think you get more humor from the more specific details in the books. My opinion of course. I will continue to read this blog either way you do it, because it is interesting and fun to read. thanks, sir.

  2. Hey, thanks so much for the feedback it really helps me out and it's always good to know someone is actually reading this! I imagine I'll probably do a mixture of both kinds of entries depending on what book it is and how much time I have to do it. Anyway, I do actually have my latest entry posted finally! Yay!